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D.I.Y. zebra print decorations.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I finished a new pair of decorations this morning! Absolutely adorable, if I do say so myself. I found a similar idea on Pinterest and couldn't resist making one to match the party theme. I won't post a picture tutorial for it, as it is quite easy to do.
Here they are (Sorry for the sway in them, there was a breeze in the room)

Supplies you will need:
-Empty cans
-Roll(s) of crepe paper
-Glue (any type will work)
-Nail,knife,hole puncher (depending on the can you use)

Here is how you do it;
Step one- Find a pair of empty cans that are the size you want. (I used formula cans), and take off the wrapper.
Step two- With your roll of crepe paper, cut 8" increments. (It length depends on the size of your cans, and how long you want the bottom to hang.) These will be the bottom layer.
Step three-  Dived the size you used for the bottom layer in 1/2, and use that  for the cuts you will need for the top layer. Ex: I used 8" parts for the bottom layer, so I used 4" parts for the top.
Step four- Start about 1/2 way up the can and make a line of glue around. Make another line of glue close to the bottom of the can, and then one more in between those two lines.
Step five- Start adding your longer strips of crepe paper around the can, overlapping the previous one as you go along until you have completely finished the bottom layer.
Step six- With the shorter strips, repeat steps four and five.
Step seven- Find a tool that you will be able to poke three holes through the can, and make the three holes.
Step eight- Cut your twine/ribbon into three equal lengths. (Lengths will vary depending on where and how low you're hanging it at.)
Step nine- Put one piece of twine through the hole, and make a good knot, then repeat with the other two. Once you have finished you will tie the three together and it's ready to hang.


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